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Repetition, Repetition, Repetition!

It may come as a surprise, but some teachers don’t hammer home the importance of repetition. A child can be taught an aspect of the syllabus, and then not encounter it again until exam time – and you expect them to be comfortable with it? From an early age, children are taught to remember spellings […]

Exclusive Staff Room Spy teacher blog from Tutors and Futures

Staff Room Spy: To Praise or Not To Praise?

To Praise or Not To Praise? A story on the BBC website caught my wandering half-term eye this week; the headline read “Lavish praise from teachers ‘does not help pupils’”. Normally, I try to restrict the amount of extra-curricular education-based activity at home, so you won’t catch me watching Waterloo Road or discussing Educating The […]

Exclusive Staff Room Spy teacher blog from Tutors and Futures

Staff Room Spy: School Theatre Trip

Miss, we’re not in the classroom anymore… As a child, I was incredibly lucky. My parents are well-travelled and I was therefore accustomed to all sorts of planes, trains and automobiles, not just in the school holidays but also at weekends. Travelling was a luxury to which I had immediate access. Closer to home, we […]

Exclusive Staff Room Spy teacher blog from Tutors and Futures

Staff Room Spy: Targets

One out of three isn’t bad… New pencil case? Check. Shoes polished? Check? Excessive amounts of positivity? Check check check. Yes, it’s back to school time all over again and I’m ready for it. I love the start of the new school year; there’s so much promise, so much expectation and so much new stationery. […]

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Back to School Survival Guide: 5 Top Tips for Junior Teachers

Starting school is recognised as a nerve-wracking time for new students. They are stepping into the great unknown, with only myths and rumours to guide their preparation. But often it is the new teachers who can be as nervous as their students. Standing at the head of a classroom with thirty young children gazing up […]

Back to School: Top Tips for Students

Back to School Survival Guide

1) Track your achievements! From the beginning of the year keep a record of all your marks and achievements. Keeping motivated is one of the hardest aspects of education and being able to see all your achievements, as well as any areas where improvement may be needed, can help sustain your motivation. 2) Be organised! […]

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Ice Bucket Challenge

How can I help? Tutors and teachers – do the Tutors and Futures ice bucket challenge! Parents and tutees – 50% of matching fees go to educational Philanthropy. Philanthropic organisations – let us know if we can support you.

Exclusive Staff Room Spy teacher blog from Tutors and Futures

Staff Room Spy: Holiday Highs and Lows

Before we begin, let me make one thing very clear: I love teaching. Having worked in a secondary school in inner London for the past 5 years, I have seen my fair share of fist fights, food fights and cat fights. However, I firmly believe that teaching is a wonderful profession. No two days are […]

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Child Genius: Nature versus Nurture

Channel 4’s thought provoking documentary has returned for a second series, complete with the usual mix of intense stress and incredible intellectual feats, and provides a fascinating insight into the great educational debate: nature versus nurture. If you are not familiar with the format, a group of the smartest children in the UK are invited […]