Choosing the Right Career

Choosing a career from the plethora of professions and occupations available takes extensive time and research, and is something young people often start to consider too late. Consider that to become a doctor ordinarily you must study particular A-Levels, which entails making that life-changing decision at the ripe age of 16.

Students and recent graduates often feel pressure from parents, friends and bank balances. Peer pressure in particular can be immense and can adversely affect career choice freedom, leading to long-term dissatisfaction. Our future guides give young people the confidence to pursue fulfilling careers that suit both their abilities and their aspirations. People often end up in unsuitable jobs because they are unaware of what they truly want to achieve. We help young people to find the right path, and set them off with the right resources to achieve success.

Job Applications & Interviews

Applying for jobs, especially graduate schemes, can be stressful, complicated and extremely time-consuming. We have future guides and representatives in most sectors who can advise and assist young people on strategising success and submitting successful applications. Through a consultation or a series of meetings, face-to-face or online, we will help them to discover their true passions and get off to the right start in life.

Job interviews can be unnecessarily cryptic and it can be difficult to tell what exactly recruiters are looking for. Too often it often comes down to slick interview technique, so someone with a more confident manner can pip a better candidate to the post. Assuming they have appropriate qualifications for the role, we can help young people to prepare themselves for this daunting process by teaching them how best to engage an interviewer, present their strengths (and mitigate their weaknesses) and bag their dream job.