School Entrance Examinations

Preparing for secondary school entrance examinations - be it the 11+, Common Entrance or those set by specific schools - can be extremely stressful, even for very bright children.

Children often feel the weight of their parents' expectations, even if parents do not deliberately apply pressure, and this can cause anxiety that detracts from performance.

Tutors can help children to prepare themselves effectively. Using mock examinations they are able to identify strengths and test for areas of weakness, before developing them with focused work on past paper questions. They can also provide parents with impartial advice on the likelihood of success and, if necessary, contingency plans.

School Interviews

Those independent schools that interview candidates are not always transparent about what they are looking for; even those that are completely transparent are still highly selective.

Children, and their parents, who are unfamiliar with the interview process can find the experience especially daunting.

We have representatives who have attended a whole host of independent schools. They can give your child the greatest chance of success by running mock interviews, bringing out their personality and instilling them with confidence. If we do not have a representative who has been to a particular school we will endeavour to find one.