Choosing the Right University Course

Choosing from the staggering array of university courses available can seem like an impossible task, and matching one to a particular career is even more demanding.

Understandably, teachers and parents often feel that they should push students in a particular direction based on their academic strengths and future employment prospects, but if this leads to students changing course, or dropping out of university altogether, it can be completely counter-productive.

We have future guides and representatives who have attended most UK universities. Having a consultation or a series of meetings with them, face-to-face or online, can help students to find their own way and choose the right subject and university first time, which will maintain their motivation and set the foundations for future success.

University Applications, Interviews & Examinations

Apart from AS-Level grades, the Personal Statement is the most important part of the UCAS application and wording it just right can make the difference between acceptance and rejection. Collectively we have experience of writing successful Personal Statements for Oxbridge and many other universities and we can advise students on how to make theirs count. We will never write a personal statement for a student, a practice we believe is highly unethical and ultimately unhelpful, but we can certainly read them and offer relevant suggestions and advice.

Interviewing for Oxbridge and other highly selective universities can be nerve-wracking and unpredictable. Our Futures Guides and university ambassadors offer targeted interview practice consisting of tailored mock interviews and confidence coaching. We cannot sit in on a student's actual interview, and clearly we cannot guarantee success, but we can ensure that students perform to the best of their ability.

Oxbridge and some other universities and courses require additional examinations to test aptitude and critical thinking. We help to prepare students for these examinations by practicing past papers, analysing students' answers and helping them to perfect their technique.