What It Is

Take back control

Homeschool is a rapidly growing method of education which allows families to take back control of their learning. It is a legal alternative to traditional schooling and has become increasingly prevalent over the past decade. It provides complete flexibility to teach children in the way you see fit.

Despite media reports to the contrary, home educators are under no obligation to teach the National Curriculum, or to provide a certain amount of hours per week. Furthermore, children are not required by law to sit any examinations, although may choose to do so if they wish. Many homeschooled children go on to attend university.

What We Do

Tailored to you

We produce an individually tailored curriculum for each student. In conjunction with parents/guardians, we aim to provide each child with the best learning environment possible. Subject choices are completely down to the family, and once a decision has been made, we devise a flexible programme of study.

Students can be entered for examinations at the request of the family but this is a choice for each individual. We can teach in line with national learning objectives or we can create a brand new curriculum to suit your needs. We have years of experience of providing bespoke home education services to numerous families.

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