Home Education

With a decade's worth of experience, I have a unique insight into the workings of home education. Many families don't understand the parameters of home education and can do with a little bit of support at the start of their journey to set them off in the right direction.

Online Classes

My online classes allow learners to progress at their own pace, succeed in exams, and develop friendships with fellow students. Working in a welcoming learning environment allows home educated students to flourish outside mainstream education.

Elite Sport

I work with elite junior athletes across the globe to support their academic performance and ensure they can balance their time effectively. The students can be at school or they can be home educated, but either way I schedule their education to maximise performance.


I teach 13 subjects at GCSE/IGCSE level and cover all of the major exam boards (AQA, Cambridge, Edexcel, Eduqas, OCR). I can advise on which board suits the individual student and make subject recommendations based on their interests.

A Level

At A Level, I specialise in working with students to improve their essay-writing technique. Lots of students find it difficult to transition to longer-form writing and require support to maximise their potential.

School Entrance

I help prepare children for entrance into prestigious schools across the UK. From advising on the best choice of school for their child, to dealing with the nuances of exam technique, I can provide an exemplary support system for each family.

Predicted Grades

I support private candidates and home educated students to ensure they can gain predicted grades in order to support UCAS applications. Many such students struggle to get the help they need when they aren't registered with a college or sixth form.

Tutor Support

I advise tutors who are looking to develop their skills and make the most of their subject knowledge, particularly those transitioning from teaching in schools. By imparting my experience to them, I give them confidence and industry insight.


I work on educational consultancy projects in regions across the world, particularly in economically developing nations where they are seeking an insight into elite practices. I am particularly interested in philanthropic endeavours.


Students Supported





"My name is Patrick and I am the brains behind Tutors & Futures.

I have worked as a private tutor for almost a decade, teaching students from my home in Manchester to places across the globe such as Angola and South Korea.

I have spent a great deal of time working with home educated students who have left school in order to seek a more enriching educational journey. This has seen me working with actors who have appeared in hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones and West End musicals like Matilda, and supporting elite junior athletes competing for their countries in gymnastics, football, tennis, and showjumping. Through my work in home education, I have mastered the art of teaching multiple subjects and balancing schedules to maximise academic performance. I am extremely passionate about the online IGCSE classes I offer to the home education community.

During the pandemic, I endeavoured to support as many people outside the school system as possible to get the CAGs and TAGs they deserved. Working in tandem with exam centres and tutors across the country, I was able to support hundreds of entries and ensure that home educators didn’t miss out. 

For some students, school is the best place to be, and I have supported families with applications to some of the most prestigious schools in the UK. Under my guidance, children have gained entry to Eton, Manchester Grammar, St Paul’s, Westminster, and many more. I not only assist with exam technique, but also advise families on which school would be most suitable for their child.

Furthermore, I offer 1-2-1 sessions to students revising for their GCSEs and A Levels. For the most part, it is simply a case of unlocking potential which has been temporarily obscured by the pressures of the classroom. These bespoke sessions are a brilliant way to ensure your child achieves their desired grades.

If you are interested in any of the services offered - get in touch now!"

Patrick Mather


What do families say about my service?

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'If there were Home Ed awards then Patrick would get one! He has worked with my son in multiple subjects and shown great skill in his approach. He really cares about the wellbeing of his students. I have no hesitation in recommending Patrick.'


'We came to Tutors & Futures as private candidates looking for help to get a Centre Assessed Grade during 2020's Covid-induced exam chaos. The situation has been particularly difficult for those who have studied independently, but from the moment we made contact everything was incredibly clear and smooth. All the worry and stress was minimised and I am deeply appreciative of all Patrick did for my son.'


'We took our daughter out of school as she is a gymnast competing on the international stage. Patrick managed her schedule effectively to ensure that her long training hours didn't negatively affect her academic performance. The service was comprehensive in nature, offering advice on nutrition, training, and study, and working in collaboration with her coaches.'


'Our daughter is an aspiring actress so we decided to home educate her to ensure that she had ample time to prepare for auditions. Patrick structured her learning with the utmost efficiency to give her the best opportunity to succeed with her passion. She spent time filing in multiple locations across the world, acting in programmes such as Game of Thrones, but we never had any worries that her education would suffer.'


'I would give more stars if I could. Patrick took us on when nobody else was prepared to help: during the last minute rush of the 2021 summer private GCSE chaos when everyone was fully booked (even Patrick). Without Patrick, my daughter would have been delayed by another year (after the 2020 Covid cancellations) AND he never made us feel like we should be grateful - he was so helpful and patient throughout the GCSE (mocks) process.'


'It was exhausting trying to plough through all of the different reading materials from the schools because they all seemed at a similar level. Added to that, London is a highly competitive area where some parents pay thousands and thousands of pounds for school placement services. We did feel a little lost until we spoke to Patrick. He made us feel at ease and realise that our daughter had exceptional potential and that she wasn't going to miss out on anything.'


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