Coursework Support For Home Educated Students

Tutors & Futures offers comprehensive coursework support for private candidates and home educated students.

Coursework Support

Tutors & Futures, a trusted tuition company, is excited to announce the expansion of its services to include comprehensive coursework support for private candidates and home educated students. This offering encompasses expert guidance, marking assistance, and submission facilitation to partner exam centres, providing students with invaluable support in completing their coursework.

Private candidates and home educated students often face unique challenges when it comes to coursework, as they may lack the resources and support typically available in traditional educational settings. Furthermore, many exam centres do not accept coursework. Tutors & Futures is dedicated to bridging this gap and equipping these students with the necessary tools for academic success.

With a team of experienced tutors and subject specialists, Tutors & Futures is able to provide tailored coursework support across a wide range of subjects and qualification levels. This year alone, we have supported students in various subjects, including English Literature, History, Geography, and Film Studies. The company’s tutors will work closely with students to understand their coursework requirements, offering guidance and feedback to ensure the work meets the highest standards.

Exam Centre Submission

In addition to providing expert support, Tutors & Futures goes the extra mile by offering marking services for completed coursework. This valuable service facilitates the submission of coursework to partner exam centres, streamlining the administrative process and ensuring that students’ work reaches the appropriate institutions securely and on time.

“We are delighted to offer comprehensive coursework support for private candidates and home educated students,” said Patrick Mather, Director at Tutors & Futures. “We understand the unique challenges these students face and aim to provide them with the tools they need to excel in their coursework. By offering expert guidance, marking assistance, and seamless submission facilitation, we are empowering students to showcase their abilities and achieve their academic goals.”

Tutors & Futures

Tutors & Futures is committed to providing the highest quality tuition and academic support to students of all ages and abilities. The company’s range of services includes one-to-one tuition, group classes, and online tutoring, as well as support for exams and assessments, university applications, and career guidance.

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