Tutors & Futures is an elite tuition company with a reputation for providing the highest quality of service.

We work with home educated students across the world in various circumstances. We are not bound by location, and we are happy to accommodate requests no matter how far the reach. We work with a range of exam centres to ensure the coursework can be approved.

We are renowned as one of the leading companies in the industry, and we have supported students in more than 20 countries, working across multiple subjects including English Literature, History, and Film Studies.

Initial Consultation

Our no obligation initial consultation takes place remotely and allows us to get a full understanding of your requirements, explain how we can support the student's academic needs and answer any questions that you may have about our tuition and pricing.

Question Approval

We work collaboratively with the student to select a question which fits their interests, and also meets the parameters set by the exam board.


We can support the student as they put together their coursework piece, providing general advice about how best to meet the requirements for a top level answer. Whilst we are not able to mark and return the work, we can offer guidance and ensure the student has a thorough understanding of their chosen topic.


Once the NEA is finished, and the student is happy to submit, we begin the marking process. We mark the piece in line with exam board protocols, and then submit the work, alongside all relevant documentation, to the exam centre.


Students Supported






Our reviews are testament to the rigorous approach we employ with every family.

I had struggled to find anybody who could support me with my A Level Film NEA. Once I had spoken with Tutors & Futures, I was reassured that they were the best option. They were thorough in their approach and allowed me to produce a piece of work I could be proud of.


I had started my coursework at college but had to stop working on it due to a medical issue. When I tried to pick it back up again, they were no longer able to support me. Patrick and his team worked tirelessly to liaise with college and ensure I could get the grades I deserved.


I had only just moved to England when I started studying A Levels independently. I didn't realise that private candidates had difficulties completing the coursework. At the last minute, Tutors & Futures were able to step in and mark my work. Thank you!


The original question I wanted to answer was deemed unfit for the requirements of the exam board. Tutors & Futures found the issue and helped me to reword things so I didn't have to start a whole new topic.


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If you require educational support, please complete this form and we will contact you as soon as possible to discuss your enquiry.

Alternatively, you can book a Zoom call with our founder Patrick Mather.