Elite Sport

Tutors & Futures is an elite tuition company with a reputation for providing the highest quality of service.

We work with elite junior athletes across the world in various circumstances. We are not bound by location, and we are happy to accommodate requests no matter how far the reach. The students can be at school or they can be home educated, but either way we schedule their education to maximise performance.

We are renowned as one of the leading companies in the industry, and we have supported students in more than 20 countries, working in multiple sports, at the highest level of elite sport.

Initial Consultation

Our no obligation initial consultation takes place remotely and allows us to get a full understanding of your requirements, explain how we can support the student's academic needs and answer any questions that you may have about our tuition and pricing.


Residential tuition positions, whether live-in or out, allow the tutor to work in close proximity to the family throughout the course of the placement. We have experience of working with staff within a household to ensure an efficient and bespoke service.


We can support the student as they travel to competitions, either by travelling with them, or by managing their schedule remotely. Our flexible approach ensures a smooth transition between each location thus minimising any effect on the child's learning.


We have worked with athletes contracted to Premier League football clubs, gymnasts competing on the pathway to the Olympics, tennis players competing in global competitions, and show jumpers performing on the international stage.


Students Supported






Our reviews are testament to the rigorous approach we employ with every family.

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I was on the Great Britain gymnastics team, and due to the volume of my training I could only attend school two days a week. Patrick managed my academic schedule and liaised with my private school to ensure that I was always up-to-date with work, and that there were no gaps in my knowledge. The support allowed me to focus my attention on the sport that I love.


I left school to pursue my dream of being a footballer. It had been difficult to balance my education with the intensive training required to succeed at my Premier League club. Patrick at Tutors & Futures understood the demands placed on me and managed my workload accordingly. In fact, Patrick was the main reason I decided to go to college in the United States on a full soccer scholarship.


We took our daughter out of school as she is a gymnast competing on the international stage. Patrick managed her schedule effectively to ensure that her long training hours didn't negatively affect her academic performance. The service was comprehensive in nature, offering advice on nutrition, training, and study, and working in collaboration with her coaches.


My wife and I had been in charge of our daughter's education since she left school aged 7 to attend a tennis academy. However, as she got older, we found it difficult to teach harder content. We enlisted the help of Tutors & Futures to structure an academic timetable. We are delighted with the support we have received.


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