Residential support allows the tutor and student to build up a strong working relationship. Our students have a history of excelling when working with tutors who they know and trust. Let education come to you, wherever you may be.

International Reach

Whilst we are based in the UK, our tutors have an international reach. We can provide a tutor to any location in the world for any length of time. Whether it be full-time or during school holidays, we can help to suit your requirements.

Structured Schedule

We understand that every moment matters in education. Our tutors devise structured schedules to mimic the daily routine of school life. They can incorporate extra-curricular activities into the calendar and can also adapt the plans around travel.

Osha 15 (UK) - IGCSE English (Three year placement)
A Showjumping Girl Who Has Received Residential Homeschool Tuition

I began homeschooling Osha in September 2014 when she was just twelve years old. A keen show-jumper, Osha had left her Independent school in Manchester nine months earlier, in order to concentrate more of her time on her sport.

After such a long period out of school, my first task was to jog her memory on key skills. I wanted to focus heavily on her English as her dyslexia had always held her back. Through extensive discussions about strategies to overcome her difficulties, Osha began to gain confidence and worry less about spelling mistakes and syntax. This allowed her to be more expressive and develop her creative writing. The study of various texts improved her reading skills and her understanding of different language techniques.

In 2016, Osha and I made the decision to enter her for her English Language IGCSE the following summer (one year ahead of schedule). She worked with great determination to counter her weaknesses and passed the exam to achieve her target.

Gina 16 (UK) - Comprehensive GCSE Support (Two year placement)
A British Girl Gymnast Who Has Received Comprehensive GCSE Tuition

When I was introduced to Gina she was juggling school with her gymnastics career. She had been on the Great Britain Performance Squad from an early age and was having to devote more and more time to her training. It was becoming increasingly difficult for her to manage her time effectively. I sat down with Gina and her family and worked on devising a strategy to maximise her chances at exam time.

Gina missed more than half of her lessons each week, and due to the way the timetable worked, many of these were Science lessons. Over a two year period, and with regular cooperation with her school, we split our time between revision and exam technique - working on all of her subjects.

Gina passed her exams with flying colours and we continue to support her with her A-Level studies.

Great Minds

We have put together a team of dynamic and passionate educators covering every subject.

We interview all of our tutors to ensure that they fit with the Tutors & Futures philosophy.
Enhanced DBS
All of our tutors must possess an up to date Enhanced DBS Certificate in order to work.
Rocco 11 (UK) - Full Curriculum (Four year placement)
Elite Gymnast, Who Is Homeschooled, On Bars

Rocco is an Elite gymnast on the Great Britain squad. He has been training for over 30 hours a week since his selection for the squad. My task has been to provide ongoing education to Rocco as he balances his workload.

When I started with Rocco in 2014, he had difficulty with the basics of reading and writing. I was initially concerned that at the age of seven he was struggling with the fundamentals of learning but he soon proved with his Maths work that he could progress rapidly. I utilised a variety of techniques to build some confidence and gain Rocco's trust. We worked with nursery rhymes and humorous poetry to introduce a lighthearted edge to the work. He soon learnt to read to a higher level and now, four years later, he is reading confidently and maturely.

AJ 12 (Mallorca) - 13+ Entrance Exam Preparation (Six month placement)
The View From Residential Tutoring Mallorca

AJ's family were very keen for him to attend one of the top Independent Schools in the UK. They spent much of their time travelling around the world on their yacht but had a family home in Mallorca. He had been homeschooled for two years to an extremely high standard. I was tasked with preparing him for the different admissions tests.

Over a six month period we worked on making AJ a more well-rounded student who could freely discuss his differing interests and express his intellect on the page. The daily routine incorporated sporting activities and some travel too. The placement was successful as AJ gained entrance to his preferred school.

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Our mission is to offer a more rounded approach which brings a high quality service to the home education community. We aim to recognise each individual's preferred methods of learning and help to mould them into mature, inquisitive students.

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What Is Home Education?

Take back control

Home education is a rapidly growing method of education which allows families to take control of learning. It is a legal alternative to traditional schooling and has become increasingly prevalent. It provides flexibility to teach children in the way you see fit.

Home education allows students to learn at their own pace and not be held back by the congested school environment. Children can be entered for examinations as and when they are ready to sit them.

What We Do

Tailored to you

We produce an individually tailored curriculum for each student. In conjunction with parents/guardians, we aim to provide each child with the best learning environment possible. Subject choices are completely down to the family which offers you greater choice.

We have years of experience of providing bespoke home education services to numerous families, including preparing students for admissions tests and GCSE examinations.