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Tutors & Futures is an elite tuition company with a reputation for providing the highest quality of service.

We work with private candidates and home educated students on their UCAS applications, ensuring that they receive the same support system as those in mainstream education. Our personalised service is characterised by a rigorous attention to detail which guarantees the best possible support for each applicant.

We are renowned as one of the leading companies in the industry, and we have supported students to gain entry to Oxford, Cambridge, University College London, and many other eminent universities. As a registered UCAS centre, we are able to provide informed advice.

Initial Consultation

Our no obligation initial consultation takes place remotely and allows us to discuss your situation, explain how our process works, and answer any questions that you may have. We put in place a full schedule for the application based around the timescale involved.

Portfolio of Work

We create a shared folder to which the applicant has access. Each student is supervised as they submit a portfolio of work to showcase their abilities in each of their subjects. This work usually consists of completed past papers, exam-style questions and feedback from tutors.

Predicted Grades

Following forensic analysis of the student's portfolio of work, and detailed examination of their educational background, we are able to form a complete picture of the applicant's academic ability. We utilise this to put forward predicted grades for each subject.


Some students also require a reference to complete their application. We engage in thorough discussions with each applicant to learn more about their background and find out why they would be an asset to their preferred university.


Students Supported






Our reviews are testament to the rigorous approach we employ with every family.

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Patrick supported me through the UCAS application process, providing me with predicted grades and a reference, and helping me gain entry to my first choice university.


As a private candidate, I thought that it would be impossible to get support with my UCAS application but Tutors & Futures made the whole process seem like a breeze.


Tutors and Futures is a great company, I felt that it was very organised and there was good communication all round.


We came to Tutors & Futures as private candidates looking for help to get a Centre Assessed Grade during 2020's Covid-induced exam chaos. The situation has been particularly difficult for those who have studied independently, but from the moment we made contact everything was incredibly clear and smooth. All the worry and stress was minimised and I am deeply appreciative of all they did for my son.


The pandemic caused my exams to be cancelled last minute and we were given teacher assessed grades last minute. I decided to not go university that year as I knew I would do better if exams had happened. Not knowing what to do and had to find places that would allow me to take exams (which none of them were willing to take me as they were too far away).
I found Tutors & Futures and completed my exams the following year. Patrick helped me as soon as I signed up and he made the whole process straightforward, he made a Dropbox to file all my work in and I also had the opportunity to sit an exam with him which even my school didn’t provide me with. He gave me confidence that I will be able to get a fair grade at the end of the year. I couldn’t recommend Patrick enough! And because of him I have now received offers from top universities which were the ones I wanted to go to. The whole process was dealt with professionally which even my school couldn’t do for me. Private candidates weren’t really talked about when exams were cancelled but Patrick solved all the issues. Huge thank you!


Tutors and Futures have provided me with excellent service. They were very clear with all the steps and procedures required to enable me to be awarded accurate, reflective grades. Mr Patrick Mather gave me clear guidance and instructions throughout the process of compiling evidence of my independent exam practice, studies and revision in the Dropbox folder he had created for me. Also, Mr Patrick Mather clearly answered all questions I had via email throughout the process.


With the cancellation of A level exams this year and myself being a private candidate, I was unsure that I wouldn’t be able to receive a grade. Then I came across Tutors and Futures which support private candidates in making sure they achieve CAGs just like school candidates. A huge thank you to Patrick who has been professional and extremely helpful in this stressful process. Patrick made it clear what evidence needs to be added to achieve your predicted grade. Highly recommend!


Patrick was very helpful with the process of what was required for evidence for a TAG this year and the mock exam all ran smoothly and Patrick really put the candidates at ease to reduce stress levels during this very stressful year, would highly recommend.


Tutors & Futures gave me excellent support and did so with a very human interface. I spoke to Patrick who had an expert knowledge of the current exams system (during COVID) and how the assessments were likely to be finalised as soon as he knew. This allowed me enough time to prepare, study and achieve the grades I needed. I would definitely recommend them to another mature or home-schooled student. They were understanding and very competent.


I would give more stars if I could. Patrick took us on when nobody else was prepared to help: during the last minute rush of the 2021 summer private GCSE chaos when everyone was fully booked (even Patrick). Without Patrick, my daughter would have been delayed by another year (after the 2020 Covid cancellations) AND he never made us feel like we should be grateful - he was so helpful and patient throughout the GCSE (mocks) process.


As a private candidate, I was extremely concerned with how I would achieve predicted grades that would accurately represent my abilities. Tutors and Futures predicted grade program is a godsend . The process is fair, simple and easy and any concerns you have will be addressed immediately. Patrick and the team at Tutors & Futures will support you throughout the process and by the end of it you will be left feeling confident in you application.


As a private candidate for the 2020 summer exams, Patrick supported me in making sure I would be receiving a calculated grade to progress to uni this summer. I have no hesitation in recommending tutors and futures for home educated students.


Tutors and Futures, were very helpful in organising invigilated mock exams to help provide CAG's for the 2021 summer exam series. I would definitely recommend.


Patrick was very helpful in organising invigilated mock exams to help provide CAG's for the 2021 summer exam series. I would definitely recommend.


Patrick helped my anxious daughter achieve the grades that she needed in her GCSEs. He helped and supported us every step of the way. We can’t thank him enough.



Personal Statement

All students are required to write a personal statement as part of the UCAS process. Y0u should do your best to ensure the statement is as personal as possible so that it stands out. The personal statement 4000 character limit includes spaces and should be no more than 47 lines.

In brief, your Personal Statement should cover three things.

  1. Why do you want to study the course?
  2. What have you done that makes you suitable for the course?
  3. What else have you done that makes you somebody who will contribute to the course and the university?

Why do you want to study the course?

Include your knowledge of the subject area and detail why the subject is of interest to you. If you have future career plans, then link these with the course you have chosen to study.

What have you done that makes you suitable for the course? 

Focus on your academic studies which relate to the subject, and any hobbies/interests which may also include relevant work/voluntary experiences. Any extra-curricular study which is relevant to the course will add value to your statement by highlighting the genuine interest you have in the subject area. It will also show evidence that you are capable of independent work.

What else have you done that makes you somebody who will contribute to the course and the university?

Mentioning any significant responsibilities you hold and special achievements you have recently accomplished is a good idea.

The Key Don'ts

Don't be afraid of going into detail about specific experiences. Don't mention something unless you are going to explain its relevance. Don't use clichés. Don't just list hobbies. Don't submit until you have checked spelling and grammar. Don't lie!

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