Preparing for school entrance examinations - be it the 7+, 11+ or 13+ - can be extremely stressful. Children often feel a strong weight of expectation. Yet school entrance is about so much more than an examination. Parents have to make decisions that will impact the life of their child in the long-term. My school entrance services provides families with impartial advice on the suitability of certain schools, supporting them at each stage of the process.



An initial consultation to discuss preferences and the timescale involved.


An initial assessment to gauge the child's academic level.


I advise on the best exam strategy to employ to maximise performance.


I use my expert knowledge to inform you about the attributes of particular schools.

Competition for places at prestigious schools is becoming increasingly fierce. Many organisations offer school placement services which rely heavily on their connections with certain schools, and are more concerned with hitting targets rather than offering a personalised service to the family.

My bespoke personalised service focuses on the individual child and expertly prepares them for all examinations they are entered for. Furthermore, I offer continued support once they have been accepted, to ensure they can thrive in their new environment.

Over the past ten years I have helped students gain entry to some of the most prestigious schools in the UK. Some examples include:



Manchester Grammar

St Paul's




What do families say about my school entrance service?

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MARK Parent

'Patrick advised us about the best schools in the local area and suggested that our son would be capable of gaining entry to Manchester Grammar School. They prepared him exceptionally well and he aced the exams.'

MARK H Parent

'The team at Tutors & Futures made the whole process really straightforward. We were new to the area and didn't know much about the quality of schools, so they provided us with a full report that allowed us to make an informed decision. I couldn't recommend them highly enough!'


'I was a little bit scared about going to a big school after spending seven years at such a small one. Patrick was really helpful and gave me confidence. He made it really easy for me to see how I would fit in and make friends.'

ZAYN Parent

'It was exhausting trying to plough through all of the different reading materials from the schools because they all seemed at a similar level. Added to that, London is a highly competitive area where some parents pay thousands and thousands of pounds for school placement services. We did feel a little lost until we spoke to Patrick. He made us feel at ease and realise that our daughter had exceptional potential and that she wasn't going to miss out on anything.'